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    Bekasi Bersih Partisipasi Blogger, Next Generation.

    Bekasi Bersih Partispasi Blogger, is a slogan that became the key word blogging contest held by the community of bloggers bekasi. The contest is held since the date of 6 March 2010 to 6 April 2010 using the judging system is 50% By SEO and 50% based on the judging offline. Bekasi Bersih Partisipasi Blogger, a discourse that is given to the participants of activities, with the hope that this discourse can motivate Indonesian bloggers to act more positively and more useful. It is expected that the spirit of togetherness the bloggers can inspire the next generation in Indonesia, which created a net of all things. Keep The spirit and move on Indonesia, Bekasi Bersih Partisipasi Blogger fo All Indonesian Blogger. This Posting is tribute as a support for the community of bloggers Karawang who


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